Original Prongles™

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(formerly Cards Against Humanity)

If Donald Trump, Madonna, or just being an American has taught me anything, it's that you can ALWAYS reinvent yourself. 45 Irving helped Cards Against Humanity do just that, reinventing themselves and pursuing their REAL passion: dominating the global snack food industry with a revolutionary potato chip.

  Branding & Packaging done by  45 Irving  &  Super Studio

Branding & Packaging done by 45 Irving & Super Studio


The ask

Create an online experience that reflects this new venture's commitment to bold thinking and even bolder flavors.


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The Direction

Imagine you're a designer who wakes up after being frozen in a block of ice ("hey, this sounds like Encino Man..."). You have all the style and tastes of the mid-90s, but all the tools of today. 

Flexing my maximalist muscles and hat-tipping to brutalism, I threw out my grid and purposely designed a cumbersome to navigate, loud, clip-art-filled site meant to invoke memories of dial-up modems, when cereal mascots dominated and every day was a Saturday Morning.


Concept, design & hand off in 4 days

Rapid-prototyped to communicate the brand's attitude

Utilizes Blackbox ecommerce platform


Downloadable Wallpapers


Bad usability. good user experience.

Fans went nuts.

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   Kotaku Australia  aggressively high honors

Kotaku Australia aggressively high honors

24 hours: live voting topped 300m

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  Dark Web accolades on  Twitter

Dark Web accolades on Twitter

@culture_clash_magazine on Instagram: "So excited for the new direction that @cardsagainsthumanity has taken."