Rebranding KitchenAid


We crafted a campaign of possibilities that took the brand far beyond anywhere it’s ever been. Just like the products can do for every dish ever created. It’s about a new twist on an old recipe. And old techniques perfected with new technology. Because when your inspiration and your kitchen have no limits,

There’s so much more to make.


KitchenAid's first truely integrated campaign: Print, Digital, Social & Search

A campaign with enough legs to stand 2+ years comfortably

A full makeover: elevating the brand to be more modern & aspirational


We made our debut in the New York Times Dining section... three weeks in a row 😱


We developed a solid plan for all touchpoints of the consumer journey: from initial consideration in print, pre-roll and search results, to hard-hitting targeted online advertising, through to the moment of purchase (online and in-store), and finally, reengagement with the brand with a strong social strategy post-purchase.


Changing “impossible” to “is possible”


To create enthusiasm, we had influential food bloggers take on 60+ pun-tastic challenges of our own creation and show our inspired KitchenAid fans how to do it themselves. 


No digital left behind


We updated to give it a new, modern look and feel that fell in line with the rebranding. Among the site's goals was to fold in the e-commerce site (at the time a separate business) so the experience seemed seamless between the brand site and the shopping portion.